Crowdsourced monitoring

TransWatL is an innovative project for monitoring water level data in Kenya using a crowdsourced approach.

So what is a crowdsourced approach and what is so special about it? It is basically using the general public for data collection of different kinds. Several research questions have been answered by using the power of the crowd. The Audubon Christmas Bird Count is a typical example, where volunteers assist in conducting a yearly bird census. However, using citizen scientists in hydrological research is still uncommon: Questions about data accuracy and temporal resolution arise. Nevertheless, the data is needed to develop adequate and sustainable water resource management plans. Especially low-income countries often do not have the technical capacity and resources to develop and maintain large hydrological monitoring networks.


If you are interested in the data, please find a quick view below. Feel free to contact us, if you have any further questions. We are looking forward to interacting with you.