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What is cmf?

cmf is a programming library to create hydrological models, which are highly modular and connectible to other models developed using a multiple hypotheses background. Although written in C++, its primary usage is to be compiled as an extension to other programming languages, using SWIG. Until now only Python is actively supported to use the SoftwareObjects of cmf to set up a scope dependend, specialized model. cmf uses the FiniteVolumeMethod to set up a wide range of models of water flow through your study area.

It is published as free software under GPLv3. (c) 2007-2011 by Philipp Kraft and Institute of Landscape Ecology and Resources Management, Justus-Liebig Universität Gießen.

The development takes place at GitHub

How to use cmf

...can be found in the tutorial and in the interface desription, the API, created with Doxygen. And there is the PublicationList.

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